Train Guy – The app!

Graham Lister. Anyone remember him ?

Back in 1990 I used to watch a very random Channel 4 show called “Vic Reeves Big Night Out”. It featured a guy called Vic (real name Jim Moir) and a friend he’d plucked out of the audience some years before – solicitor Bob Mortimer.

Since then, the pair have hosted Shooting Stars, House of Fools and have returned with Big Night Out, this time as “Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out” on BBC 4.

Bob Mortimer, though, has recently found a strange niche character on Twitter in the form of “Train Guy”. He seems to have carved out a strangely familiar London-bound salesman with catchphrases, buzzwords and sayings that have no doubt been heard in many train carriages up and down the land.

You can watch all the Train Guy videos here (at the bottom) and there’s a sound board too – something perhaps for your next video call to the office.

However, if you want to listen and play the sounds on your phone, head here for the Train Guy Android app. I can’t actually find an iPhone version, so perhaps go to instead.

Let’s put this all in the thought fridge and snack on it later. OK? Ya ya.