Site / server update

Lockdown is having an affect..

We’ve now been online for over 18 years and, it’s fair to say, we’ve seen quite a few things during that time. In the last few months we’ve seen our traffic increase dramatically – properly off-the-chart and like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

This has led us to push forward a few plans to increase the size of our main server and also to upgrade the version of PHP, which runs all the code on the site. We’re seeing a 30-32% speed improvement on the PHP code side, and that’s before we take the new server into the equation.

This should hopefully mean that you see a speedier site and more responsive pages. We’re going to continue using only “standard” adverts and we regularly refuse pop-unders and pop-ups from our advertising partners because they get on our nerves.

As always, if you see anything that’s broken, do let me know.