Doro 8050 Senior Smartphone now on sale

Keeping in touch right now is more important than ever. Now Doro, the leading supplier of telecom solutions for seniors, has added the Doro 8050.

This isn’t all about specs – the connectivity, the “In Case of Emergency” button and the £200 price-tag are more important here. That being said, it’s got a 13 megapixel rear shooter, a 1440×720 screen, GPS, 4G, WiFi, 16GB on-board storage and 3.5mm audio port.

Available soon on Amazon, the Doro website or on contract with EE, this is a sleek and modern Android device with all the cleverness of any other Android phone but with a GPS-enabled assistance button for peace of mind for both you and your relatives.

There’s loud and clear sound, easy-to-read display and text and USB C charging.

The Doro “EVA” interface makes sending a message to searching for a photo really easy. A simple choice-based mechanism makes previously scart technology really easy to use.

The Doro Manager (soon to be added to the “Response by Doro” app) means that loved ones and relatives can access phone settings remotely.

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