Home Active – Want to know where you can watch that TV show or movie?

With all of us spending more time indoors, one of our first solutions to break up the day is TV. However, as I quickly found out, there’s a lot of places where you can watch your favourite show. Not only that, but you’ll find that some series are available on some platforms while more series are available on others.

A perfect example is “Friday Night Dinner“, which is a long-running Channel 4 comedy show. We were watching this on Netflix and all was well … for a bit. The problem came when we suddenly ran out of available episodes, despite there being more. There’s various reasons for this (rights, mainly) but we ended up switching to the Channel 4 “All 4” app to watch the remaining episodes.

Anyways, I stumbled across JustWatch.com, a website which is dedicated to finding where the films and series you want to watch .. are. It showed the disparity in series availability between the various streaming providers (above) and showed where I should go to get the complete set. There’s all 6 series on the All 4 service, but only 4 on Netflix.

The site is an international “Streaming Guide” with over 20 million users in 40 countries.

Before you start thinking, “Oh yeah? ‘Dodgy streaming eh?'” No, it’s nothing like this. It shows where you can watch movies and TV shows legally online. Whether it be Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Sky Go, Google Play Movies & TV, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, Rakuten, UKTV Play and so on.

Give it a try if you’re struggling to find a particular show, or you’re finding that you can’t get the full selection of shows. It’s available as an app too (Android or iPhone) – this will let you select your favourite genres and then, once you’ve added the various streaming services you subscribe to (below), you get a selection based on your subscriptions and tastes…