Cool little timer – Ticktime

Asking Alexa to set a timer is one thing, but what if you had a gadget that took less time to set and went with you everywhere? This is Ticktime. The makers tell me that it’s “more than just a timer” and they’ve reinvented how timer looks and works. You flip it up to set a countdown and place it down to start a present timer. It’s also small enough to fit into your pocket, so you can take it to the gym to check time your workouts or use it when gaming or cooking.

Here’s a look at the device in action..

The Ticktime has a silent mode, a fully a adjustable timer and can stick on your fridge or oven thanks to the magnetic surface. You also get a really easy to read display and a whole load more.

It’s not launched as yet but you can get more information on their website here. Sign up if you’re interested.