Sky TV – Contact centres and engineers still working despite coronavirus

I’ve been loyal to Sky TV for a number of years now, but their behaviour over the last 12 months has left a really bad taste in my mouth. My recent “leaving Sky” feature has detailed a lot of this – including the regular price-hikes and poor or misleading retention deals.

Now, though, they seem to have gone further.

In the midst of the cornonavirus crisis, the company has identified itself and staff as “key workers” and are demanding that staff turn up to work as normal…

Sky, of course, do more than just TV, and they’re leaning heavily on their “connectivity credentials” here by telling people that it’s essential that they keep phones and internet feeds working.

That, though, isn’t the full story. It seems that few Sky staff are remote working. Although some Sky staff are given the ability, the big Sky call centres remain crammed full of workers. Meanwhile, Sky TV engineers are still attending homes to setup or upgrade satellite TV. Meanwhile, BT Openreach (the people who do a lot of phone connections here in the UK) are advising their engineers to avoid entering customer premises.

Twitter account “@UKSaintsSinners”, which highlights companies doing the right and wrong thing in this crisis, has got hold of a letter which has been given to “Sky key workers” which tells them to continue working as normal..

This despite a rumoured coronavirus case in the Sky Dunfermline Contact Centre and many Sky workers reporting a lack of distancing measures, sanitizer or soap.

As you can see here, Sky have twisted the term “key worker” to become “Sky key worker” and have then, according to the tweets we’re seeing, classified retention and sales team as such. The wives, husbands and relatives of Sky TV engineers are adding their concerns all over social media. Here’s just some of them…