Stop panic buying. Just stop.

I had to put my headphones on last night when hitting the local supermarket. There’s a definite air of hysteria and madness which goes against all those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters that people tended to connect to the British outlook. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy which kicks in when people see others taking things off the shelves, but it’s not just restricted to us here in the UK.

Although this isn’t strictly smartphone related, we wanted to do our bit to try and quell this madness. First, meet Dawn Bilbrough, from York. She and many others like her could be taking care of you and your loved ones over the coming months. She’s just finished a 48 hour shift with the NHS..

Next, the Australian MP, Scott Morrison, takes his turn to issue some advice.

If you are going shopping and you’re met with empty shelves because of the selfish panic-buying, you will – like me last night – have to bin any idea on what you would “like” to eat. You can only get what you can get. We need to all work together on this, and this behaviour really needs to stop. Black, white, Brexit, Remain, left, right, Chinese, English, American, Italian, Spanish – it doesn’t matter any more – this is going to impact all of us.