OnePlus unveil new logo and knock £50 off the 7T

A new visual identity has just been updated by OnePlus. It looks pretty similar to us, but their creative people tell us that it has a … curvilinear “1” that is easier to read, while adjusting the weight of the logotype for better overall balance. The “+” in the surrounding box has also been enlarged and is now more prominent, in a nod to the OnePlus community, which has played a key role in the company’s ongoing success.

Umm.. OK then. However, what we’re more interested in is the fact that, until April 1st, you can get discounts on the OnePlus 7T. We reviewed that here, here and here.

We loved the thing and, if you’d like to get yourself one, get over to their website before April 1st and use this code to get yourself £50 off..


The full price on the 7T is £549, so with the £50 off you’ll be getting it for £499. You can also get 20% OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro accessories and a massive 50% off OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T accessories.