Yowser. We created a bit of rage!

Following our look at the various coronavirus conspiracy theories, we’ve received a number of quite angry emails.

Angry emails aren’t new to us, believe me. We’ve been online since 2002 and, in that time, we’ve had swearing, takedown notices and all manner of threats and criticism. The internet isn’t all cats and Facebook updates.

In amongst the tirade of one recent email, we’ve been accused of causing “damage to the environment and brains of people” by running servers and having a site online that “people read on their 5G phones”.

Now, some of this I can’t really respond to. A wise man told me once that “you can’t argue with stupid”. Sadly, with news and social media melding into one thing, people believe what sounds good now.

But, I can at least tell you one thing. Our servers are hosted in a European datacentre and, whilst we do consume electricity, we have spent around a decade with one particular datacentre provider. That provider uses only hydropower, with a TÜV certified company generating 100% green energy in a carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly way. Hydropower generates the power for the servers, the air-con and everything else in between.

So, on that score, I can at least respond. As for us causing damage to your mind, well I’m as bonkers as you lot already 🙂