Farewell dear reader…. for now

Some of you may have noticed that I have been less active on the site lately and now it is time to fill you in on the reason.

I have taken on new employment and, with the demands of the job and learning new skills, it’s been all-consuming. I have tried to keep up with the site but it has, unfortunately, become something that I can’t juggle at the moment. This is a sad day for me as I have always enjoyed writing for the site and it gave me a way to escape from the reality of my day job.

It has been a wild ride during my tenure with the Coolsmartphone team and one that I have very much enjoyed. I have great respect for Leigh and all the other guys and girls who, like me, gave up their own time to cover things for the site.

I have also had a great time in getting to know the masses of other bloggers and professional journalists who cover all things mobile. It has been my privilege to attend trade shows all over the world on Coolsmartphone’s behalf and to meet all the people along the way.

So, without further ado, I lay down the reins of Senior Writer (virtually of course). Until we meet again!

Here is a little clip on Youtube about my departure as one last video for you to enjoy.