SIM-only deal. Smarty have gone nuts.

Sitting on the Three network, the boys from Smarty seem to be having a “moment”. They’ve put a £10 SIM-only deal online which will get you a stonking 30GB of data. There’s no speed restrictions, you get unlimited everything else and… woah, that’s a deal. I’ve personally got a retention deal with Three at the minute for my son. I pay £9 per month for 8GB of data and that seemed like a good deal. This simply blows that out of the water.

In addition, there’s a £15 plan delivering 50GB of data and a £20 monthly offering with unlimited data.

These are all one month plans, you can try it out, cancel anytime, move your number in. It’s all proper easy. Honestly, if I wasn’t locked into an 12-month deal I’d be switching right now.

Oh, and in addition to unlimited calls and texts, you also get unrestricted tethering in the UK, no credit check and the Three UK coverage (check that here).