Disney+ launching in the UK next month. The Mandalorian might be drip-fed

Just recently I bit the bullet and cancelled Sky. I’d moved to Virgin a number of years ago and then moved back to Sky. They did me a deal at £15 for the Entertainment pack but have steadily increased it. In truth, I just don’t use it. There’s over 240 free channels via satellite and, with the increase in streaming services, something had to give.

We recently took up Amazon Prime, then Netflix “accidentally” got purchased too. Trouble is, the amount of streaming services is increasing, and all of them seem to have some sort of exclusivity over shows. It means that you need to have several in order to see everything.

Netflix is a £5.99 standard, Amazon Prime Video is £7.99 (you get other benefits with that of course), Apple TV+ is £4.99 a month, then there’s BritBox (£5.99), Now TV (£7.99 minimum), TV Player (£5.99 per month), Hayu (£4.99) and much more. Adding the new Disney+ will mean another £5.99 per month, but right now they have a limited offer allowing you to pay £49.99 for the year. That’ll get you access for up to 4 screens at once.

However, if you’re a fan of Star Wars and want to watch The Mandalorian, the use of language in this Disney+ tweet has troubled some. It states…

The fact that shows will “start to roll out from March 24th” may signify that The Mandalorian could be drip-fed week-by-week to UK Disney+ users (when it eventually launches at the end of next month). This despite the fact that it’s been heavily pirated and many UK Disney+ subscribers will be wanting to binge-watch it.