TCA Sportswear – From the streets of East London

As you may know, I’m trying to sweat it out at the gym right now. It’s a constant battle to just get up. A nice warm bed at 6AM, or a freezing cold gym with the music cranked up?

Anyways, TCA approached me and said, “Hey can you mention us”, and I said, “We cover smartphones, but I am looking for some new kit – could I get some free stuff?”

Then they said, “No dude”

…and I’ve got to respect that in a way. You don’t get stuff for free in this world. It takes hard work and ambition. The brand comes from Hackney in East London and is a mere 8 years iold Despite that, the founder, Frankie Thorogood, has built the brand with a loyal fanbase of both amateur and professional athletes.

Not only that, but you get 15% off their already decent prices if you sign up to the newsletter.

There’s a wide range of gear available, including the TCA Origins Hoodie or the Sweat Tech Trackpant for £34 each. They also have the Real Life Tank in white for £18, the Supreme Leggings for £28, the TCA Relentless Sports Bra for £28 and the TCA Relentless 78 Leggings for £39.

TCA instead offered my a boxing masterclass, so I made my excuses…