Sudio Regent II Wireless Headphones – Review

These are classed as over-ear headphones but do sit more on your ears. They are, let me tell you, rather classy in appearance. Price-wise they’re classy too, at £79 in either black or white, but do check our exclusive coupon code later on in this review to get them for less.

I’ll get to the whole unboxing experience in a bit, but for me it was putting these on that was impressive. As with most headphones, I popped them on my heqd and then adjusted the cups by pulling them down. The top band is beautifully padded – a real treat for my balding head, but the cups really glide – smoothly and beautifully as you pull downwards to meet your ears.

It sounds daft. It sounds like a small thing, but it really added a sense of quality to the proceedings. The headphones are light too – 186 grams.

On the back of those cups, the “caps” as Sudio call them, can be swapped out and customized if you wish. Have a look on their accessories section for details on those.

Although this don’t have active noise cancellation, I did find that I was kept away from ourside noise thanks to the passive noise cancellation. The audio response is nothing short of beautiful. Even when listening to a heavily compress audio steam which would normally sound properly ropey – it came through the cushioned earphones in a crystal clear and natural way. I’m not kidding – when Sudio say, “Studio Quality Sound” they really are tapping the nail on the head in a precise and accurate way. No distortion, no wobble, no crunky encoding mess – just smoothly-delivered mid-tones, clear and crisp high notes with thumping bass beats.

Some beautiful stitching on the headband

I’ve got into the habit of listening to Centreforce Radio of late and I’m listening back to a lot of their shows on Mixcloud. In the car or on my normal in-ear headphones, I get that almost-expected “bitrate crunch” sound quality – especially when listening to the Mixcloud shows. With these Sudio Regent II headphones I really don’t know what they’ve done. It’s some sort of audio wizardry. Some sort of magic. Everything is so clear. It’s like I’m in the studio with the DJ’s. No crackle. No distortion. No bitty, crunchy stream-strangling. It’s so, so good.

As is usual with our reviews, I’ve got you a video so that you can see the cushioning and the overall “look and feel” of the headphones themselves..


Cool cushioned ear cups

Battery life, once fully charged, is amazing. A full 24 hours of playtime means you’ll not have to worry about your portable battery pack or being near a socket much.

In the box there’s the headphones themselves, a 3.5mm audio cable (should you need it), a microUSB charging cable, a manual, quick-start guide and a guarantee card. The box is a real treat too – the headphones are shipped in a stunning and professional-looking box with care taken to the packaging and the first impressions. There’s a real eye for detail here which I appreciated throughout.

As I type, you may be able to get the white Sudio Regent II headphones for slightly less money. However, we’ve got an exclusive discount code for you guys. If you put the following into the Sudio website you’ll get a massive 15% off the price. Just enter COOLEARPHONE15 in the coupon code section like so..


Check them out in either shade. Definitely worth it. These are real quality headphones with an epic battery life (up to 24 hours). They’re lightweight, incredibly well made and look brilliant too. The materials used here and the audio quality mean that this is a really high-quality product.