Fancy getting to work in a drone?

We all know that drones are becoming more useful. The police are using them now and they’re continuing to grow in popularity, even with the increase in regulation.

But, what about building one big enough to sit in? You could get to work in that in no time. Never mind the floods or the traffic. 🙂

So, I stumbled across this YouTube video which, as usual, is heavily padded. However, if you zip forward to about 10.15 (or click the video below) you should see the thing taking off. They even do a test “flip”, which is something I’d definitely not do ..

Oh and yes, the whole video of the manned drone is indeed filmed from another drone. Also one thing I noticed is that the propellers seem to be really small. I mean sure, there’s one at the top and the bottom, but still.

Whilst looking I also stumbled across a whole load more of these manned drones / flying cars. This one below has a 15 minute flying time, so let’s hope you don’t want to go too far…