Two-way translation – Pocketalk S

Yes, you can use the Google Translate app or, if you’re heading around Europe and you have yourself £259, you can get the Pocketalk S. It’s got a built-in SIM, a text-to-translate camera, a bigger touch screen, noise-cancelling microphones and two high-quality speakers plus a useful conversion feature.

Put simply, this is an AI-powered instant voice translation device and you get it in gold, black, white and red. It’ll translate 74 languages bi-directionally, meaning that you should finally be able to achieve a naturally flowing conversation, even in a noisy environment.

The Pocketalk is said to provide an accurate translation service and copes with localised dialects and slang. It also has a complimentary two-year data plan too.

A simple one-button translation system makes it easy to use.

Get one via Amazon UK. Shipments start on February 21st.