MWC2020 Exhibitors – GET IN TOUCH!

Unless you’re a huge and well-financed company, getting your product, service or software in front of the assembled eyeballs at Mobile World Congress is a massive investment.

The exhibition packages for the Barcelona event – even if you’re right at the back of the event in Hall 8.0 – are crazy expensive. Then you’ve got to construct a stand, add in the cost of flying your people to Barcelona, find accomodation, food, drink and so on. It all adds up and, if you’ve created something brilliant but your finances aren’t huge, it’s a big outlay.

Last night the huge mobile bash got cancelled and it’s left many of the exhibitors missing their hotly-anticipated platform.

So, if you’re one of those exhibitors and you want to show off your thing, get in touch with me right now. It’s [email protected] or you can just whack the “Contact Us” button above.

Whether it’s a YouTube video you filmed in your office, a few pictures of the gadget / service / software – send it to us. We might not have MWC, but we can still get your stuff online here.