Huawei to use TomTom maps

Following the embargo placed on Huawei, the Chinese phone company can no longer trade with US companies. It’s effectively received a closed door from Google and all its associated services.

To be honest most of the Google services can be replaced – in fact most phone manufacturers have their own version of these services. However, there’s still questions about key apps like YouTube and Maps. Now, and after the announcement of their own app store and Mobile Services platform, Huawei going to provide navigation on its phones by using a non-American partner.

Dutch company TomTom has revealed that it has struck a deal with Huawei to provide maps, navigation and traffic data for them. The arrangement had been struck a while back, according to TomTom’s Remco Meerstra, but hadn’t been revealed until now. The company declined to share more details.

It’s no surprise that Huawei has created a partnership like this. With the US blacklist over alleged security concerns, they need to find alternatives to survive. Fortunately for Huawei, TomTom isn’t just a new player in this field and there’s no doubt that TomTom will enjoy a return to the limelight too.