OnePlus goes 120 Hz

So, you thought the super-slick screen on the OnePlus 7T was smooth ? That’s 90 Hz and slides along like butter on a hotplate, but now OnePlus want to go further.

The company have just finished off a 120 Hz Fluid Display and they’ll be introducing it this year. Working alongside Samsung Display, the high refresh rate will mean a glossy and natural experience without judder. The AMOLED display will have a peak brightness of more than 1000 nits and, in addition, they’ve raised the touch sampling rate to 240 Hz for a more responsive touch experience.

However, with most video content produced at either 24fps or 30fps, OnePlus have had to work on adding tech which is normally only ever seen in high-end TVs to add additional frames – boosting footage to play at 60 or even 120fps.

The screen will also have up to 1 billion shades of colour so that the colour on the screen is far closer to the actual colour captured originally.

No exact date on when this will be available, but we’ll keep you posted.