Go, vote. NOW.

Here’s how the different age ranges voted in the Brexit referendum…

But here, by age, is how many actually voted..

If more of the “smartphone generation” had gone to the polls, things would have been so much different. But wait – the older generation will change your future and your prospects again today unless you get out there and vote. There’s no smartphone app. It means you’ll need to leave the house. But do it. Do it now.

Want to vote for Conservative today? Go ahead. However, if you don’t, voting for your favourite party might not be the best way to stop Boris Johnson.

This is perhaps the most important election that the country has ever seen. Brexit can’t just be “done”. In the EU we currently benefit from many trade deals with countries outside the EU. Take the one with Japan. Discussions started properly in 2011, but it took eight long years to sort out. Likewise, it’s going to take years, possibly decades just to try and replicate the deals we enjoy now.

Boris is a man who lies constantly, hides from interviews, ignores the truth and disappears whenever there’s a runway or an reporter on the horizon. This is the guy who won’t release the Russian report. Why not?

We’re being lied to constantly and there’s massive amounts of paid-for fake info on Twitter and Facebook. It’s been proven that 88% of Conservative adverts are complete lies whilst none of the a Labour ones are. Why are we allowing this?

I’m not a Corbyn fan either. I think the best we can hope for is a hung parliament.

This is beyond Brexit now. The Conservative government has been in power while a 7 year pay freeze has been applied to public sector workers. We’ve got 4 million children in poverty, 320,000 people homeless, the NHS is on its knees, police numbers have been decimated, school budgets have been slashed, the national debt has been doubled and – all the while – the blame has been shifted onto the EU or to immigrants while the rich get richer.

There’s apparently no magic money tree, but £1 billion is sent to the DUP, there’s £100 million for Brexit adverts, £11 million for a Brexit 50p coin and £14 million to a ferry company with no ferries. Meanwhile, libraries are closing, councils are cutting back, services are restricted.

The only antidote seems to be a mass wave of tactical voting. This is not the same as “voting for Labour”. It’s about holding your nose and voting for the candidate best placed to shut Boris out. Head to this website, put your postcode in and vote for that person.

Depending on where you live, you’ll need to vote differently, so whack your postcode in here. It may not be your favourite party, but it’ll have the biggest impact.

Sadly, with our newspapers pumping out biased half-truths based on party allegiances, the readers of those papers – the older generation – will be the only ones who will be bothered to vote. They will make the choice for you. They will change your life based on friendly headlines and paid-for propaganda.

So, today. Be bothered. This has to change. Go out, vote, then pop to the pub on the way home and get ready for Christmas.