Moo! Milky milky VR!

Cows, apparently, produce better milk when they’re all chilled out and calm. So, in Russia, they’ve decided that the best way to keep a dairy cow calm is to ensure it’s in a serene and beautiful field.

However, not all cows get that. They’re in a milking shed instead, or a muddy small field. It’s all a bit stressful. So, in order to improve milk yield and quality, the Russians have strapped massive-ass VR cow headsets.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food for the Moscow Region have tried this out with prototype VR glasses and have spent time ensuring that they’re comfortable and practical for the moo-cow to wear.

How it doesn’t walk into random things around the farm is a mystery, but the cows are apparently quite happy watching the “summer field simulation” with “shades of the red and weaker green and blue tones” which cows can see, to improve their mood. Researchers have seen a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the overall good mood of the herd.

A comprehensive study is coming shortly.