Deal time – £10 for 10GB with Virgin Mobile

Black Friday isn’t until next week, but it looks like the boys from Virgin Media are already starting.

The network runs (currently) on EE masts but will be switching across to Vodafone ones soon enough.

They’ve got an offer on SIM only plans which looks pretty hot. Sure, it’s a 12 month deal, but you get a massive 10GB for just £10 per month. Normally it’s £16 per month for that, so they’ve lopped off £6.

The plan also includes 5000 minutes (which is over 83 hours and basically equates to you being on the phone for 3 and a bit days solidly) plus unlimited texts.

If you want more they’ve also got 50GB for £19 per month. Same minutes and texts there.

The PR peeps have also given us a nudge to mention that theyr “Oomph” bundle gives a £240 saving, plus there’s a £108 saving on the iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10. They’re chucking in a free pair of Defunc True Go wireless earbuds with the Samsung A50 and a pair of WF-1000XM3 headphones if you get the Sony Xperia 5.