Curve now integrates with Google Pay

I’ve used the Curve card for quite a while now. It’s one card that, with the aid of an app, acts as many different cards. Use the app to add your credit, debit or businss cards, then use the app to switch between them and simply use the “one for all” Curve card when you pay. There’s receipts, logging and transaction details plus much more.

Now though, and to add a small amount of confusion perhaps, you can add the Curve card to Google Pay. By doing this, your phone effectively becomes your Curve card. I only say confusing because you may already be switching between different cards on your Google Pay app.

What it does mean though, is that the banks which don’t officially support Google Pay (such as Barclays and Virgin) can now use Google Pay via the “virtual” Curve card.

If you get a Curve card right now, there’s a free fiver for your trouble. Activate the card and you card spend that straight away.

Earlier this week, Curve announced its integration with Samsung Pay, meaning that both main Android payment systems are now supported.

Provided your phone has NFC, you’re laughing. If it doesn’t or you (perhaps like me) don’t like to bother with lock screens, you can instead use the card alone.