A security camera with AI. Blurams all over your face.

A lady called Molly from Blurams got in touch with us today. She works for an intelligent video solution provider which already has 20 million users, and they’ve recently deided to release an AI-featured home security system.

Launching in the US today, this will be available on Amazon for $78.99. Footage can be stored within an online cloud and the AI algorithms will detect different faces, so you can be notified when people return home automatically. Up to sixteen people can be named and recognised with an accompanying app, and you can deter criminals by remotely activating a siren and flashing light.

The outdoor waterproof camera also features night vision and 1080p footage. The optional 24/7 cloud video recording adds to the local storage, which can do up to 128GB with loop recording.

The camera also features 2-way audio, a wide-angle lens and an easy setup system. We’re hoping to be able to review this one soon so we’ll let you know more when we can.

Head to blurams.com for more info.