13 Android apps you may not have noticed

There’s plenty of apps out there – perhaps too many for us to ever mention here. Whilst many apps are heavily featured and recommended around the web, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the apps you may not necessarily have seen. Those apps that are slightly off the radar or perhaps not noticed a great deal. It’s time to bring these into the limelight so that you can try something a bit different and new.

With everyone having different tastes, we’ve taken a look at some of the apps which have been floating around the various phones here in the Coolsmartphone office.

  1. Cake Web Browser

Whilst may will dive straight into the Chrome browser, this particular app could be worthy of your attention. Cake Web Browser works like many other browsers, with a fast search and the best results, but there’s privacy and protection built in here. You can swipe right into search result, skimming through the pages that are returned.

Cake Web Browser also offers a number of classic functions, including a search bar (along with other quick search tools), bookmarks, adblock, RSS, search in Incognito mode.

This Android app has been built around intuitive drag gestures, which delivers easier navigation through its pages. Moreover, Cake Web Browser is an app that won’t bother you (at least, not now) with ads, which is an amazing feature.

  1. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard for Android is the application you need, if you want to forget about proofreading, before sending an email. This app helps you type correctly, grammatically, by analyzing what you write and offering suggestions for text editing, where appropriate.

Not everyone is blessed with the best grammar, so this app will help you on your way. Also, when modifying certain grammar rules, Grammarly Keyboard makes sure that you keep abreast of these changes, so you can always write emails, articles, or other texts for work. This Android application is free to download from Google Play and contains no ads.

  1. Haven

Want to know that your smartphone is secure? Haven is an app dedicated to you! It’s ideal for those who are security conscious and want to protect their stuff. This app uses on-device sensors to give you monitoring and protection of your phone or anything it’s in or on.

So, as an example, you can prop the phone up and have it detect motion on the camera in a room. You can also have it detect audio

If you have an old Android phone that you no longer use, this can bring it back to life. Place it in a bag or in a car and it’ll detect when there’s motion or a vibration – even just a change in light. You can then be notified via secure notifications. A great way to turn an old phone into a security system of sorts – plus it can tell you if you have visitors at the door or if your pets are OK at home while you’re at work..

  1. Navigation Gestures

Created by those excellent guys from XDA Developers, this adds navigation gestures to any Android phone,. You don’t have to buy the latest phone model to enjoy this any more – just swipe or tap. The Navigation Gestures app allows intuitive control through extremely simple gestures.

You can set this app the way you want, then drag in any direction you want, you can set commands activated by tap, double-tap, hold. You can opt out of the navigation bar, so you can quickly go through the menu of your phone only through touch control, provided by the Android Navigation Gestures app. You can access everything more easily on your phone, from your daily apps to games.

  1. Various App Games

Sdorica Sunset is not a game with generic graphics, but has a distinct, colourful style, made in pencil and brush. It reminds you of the “painted” graphics found in Guild Wars 2. The game is an RPG with a turned based combat system.

Another favourite of ours is PUBG. The game appeared on the PC then transitioned to other platforms, including smartphones, but without reducing the quality of the graphics too much. If you haven’t tried a battle royale yet, you can start with PUBG Mobile. Imagine Fortnite but (as some would argue) better.

And if you’re not into these kind of games, online casino games are a good example if you are into them: slots, cards, roulettes. ‘Oldie but Goodie’ 20p Roulette brings back plenty of nostalgic moments which are hard to compare even with the time spent on some of the most contemporary roulettes. The highlight is not on the high quality and visually advanced graphics. Instead, this one is a classic in its finest. The spinning wheel is viewed directly from above and the quality can make you think of an old school roulette. If that sounds like a perfect recipe for you, feel invited to play this game online and enjoy an unforgettable retro experience just on your phone.

  1. 90s – Glitch VHS & Vaporwave Video Effects Editor

A little bit specialist this perhaps, but a great way to give your videos an edge. Add some glitches or give your high-quality footage the 1990’s VHS treatment! You can also add psychedelic  filters, retro frames or overlay the background with text animation. The font can be altered, as can the colours, and you get chance to add stickers, layers and music too.

  1. 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera

A little like the above application, 1998 Cam – Vintage Camera will take you back to the past. For us, we can’t get enough. Add  nostalgic effects, plonk a date stamp on and recreate a classic Polaroid snap.

In the Instagram world, it’s great to be able to take photos which look different to everything else on the web, and with this you have 60+ vintage filters: retro, black and white etc. Add dust, 3D effects, light filters and more – all free, no watermarks and no subscriptions!

  1. Otter Voice Notes

Rather than manually transcribing audio into text, it’s better to download theOtter Voice Notes app right now. It is an extremely precise tool, which uses artificial intelligence to transform (with amazing accuracy) texts from audio recordings. Not only that, but you can then add notifications or even photos, thus greatly easing any eventual editing of a material to be published.

It’s a great way to look back at a meeting – getting the full experience in both visual and written form.

  1. Tik Tok

Even though this app was launched in 2014, this year is in the top of Google Play downloads. TikTok is about short clips, produced by creative minds from just about every corner of the world. This shows once again that a rich imagination and a net connection do wonders.

  1. The History of Everything

A great educational tool this one – it’s a timeline showing major events in history – when the Sun was born, when the dinosaurs arrived, the launch of the internet and more. This app comes with friendly and colourful animation which is approachable and suitable for children – just scroll up and down, zoom in and access the information you need quickly and easily.

  1. Activity Tracker

Whilst we’re all trying to keep fit, there never seems to be one single app that everyone uses to monitor activity. Each tracker or smart band seems to come with a different app, but one we’ve tried recently is simply called “ActivityTracker”. It uses your phone as the tracker, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fitness band. The app shows the amount of steps taken, the distance traveled, the calories burned, as well as the time spent on certain activities.

Get an hour-by-hour breakdown, hystorical data and target information. It’s laid out very well and we enjoy the straightforward, clear graphics on this one.

  1. TAPET

TAPET is an app that will automatically generate a wallpaper for you. This will create a background which you can set manually, or have auto-change on a schedule – hour by hour or daily. It means that you’ll get a surprise every time you open your phone. No image is downloaded from the net to your phone. Everything is generated quickly, in thousands of colours, with every swipe you make!

  1. Overdrop Weather

Always be one step ahead of the weather forecasts on radio or television! With Overdrop Weather, you can make your weekend plans, even on Monday. This Android app shows you the forecast for the next 7 days, extreme alerts, weather from hour to hour, 5 different themes (Black Theme is one of the favorites), plus a perfect super interface to give you good weather news!