Autumn in the garden. Warm and cosy with LED lights.

OK, bit different this but if you’re looking to make use of the garden even in these darker and colder autumnal days, these Bramblecrest firepits could be just the thing.

Getting a firepit it usually a fairly messy affair where you either try to cannibalize an old washing machine or perhaps make use of some rocks. Here they’ve worked a firepit into a table, and there’s an LED parasol to add some much-needed light to proceedings.

All of that means that you can still keep using the extra space in your garden, staying warm and having enough light to see each other.

It’s just a matter of replacing the usual ceramic table insert and adding the glass fire shield, then you just light the gas. Nice and clean, nice and quick. Get the drinks flowing and enjoy!

Price-wise, you’re going to need some money. This lovely comfy dining set is £2,858 before you’ve got the parasol, which is £519.

Hmm.. I think I’ll go back to taking that washing machine to pieces… 🙂