Shadow comes out of the .. shadows. Smartphone gaming in the cloud.

With “cloud gaming” now becoming a hot topic in the Coolsmartphone office, we’re all waiting for Google Stadia. For £119 you’ll get a Chromecast Ultra and three months of Stadia Pro. It’s due to arrive on November 26th here in the UK, which really isn’t that far away now.

You’re going to need a fairly brisk internet connection for it work work properly, as you can see from the graphic below..

There’s a subscription to pay too – Stadia Pro will be £8.99 per month, which gives you access to some free games plus a selection of paid-for ones too.

But wait, there’s others eager to get in on the action…

Shadow in action

Say hello to Shadow. A way to get a blistering, super-quick gaming PC in the cloud which can be presented to you via a multitude of devices…

Prices for this service start at £12.99 per month, with all the clever grunt-work and graphical power being done in a datacenter somewhere. Working with OVHcloud, they’ve just raised $33 million to deliver their service. It’ll let you play all your video games, even the latest releases, from any device. That includes your not-so-nippy PC, a TV, an iPad or your smartphone.

The clever people behind this have combined tracing technology with the power of GeForce RTX 2080 and TITAN graphics cards for a normally-very-expensive gaming PC experience streamed over the internet.

To experience this, you’ll need a client app, which is available right now in beta on both Android and iOS.

Emmanuel Freund, co-founder of Shadow, tells us..

We were the first to show that cloud gaming works. Other actors have followed us: it is up to us to show that we remain pioneers, innovative, at the cutting edge of technology and proud to carry the values of a French start-up to the world.

The pricing and packages are available for pre-order right now on their website. The service is expected to go live in February ext year.

The guys behind this tell me that it can all be controlled with any compatible controller, just like a console. 256 GB of storage is included with your plan, but you can add to that.

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