Dynamo – Grab yourself a fully electric cab.

Despite the advances in car engines, if you’re in a city, you’re bound to see a number of diesel buses and taxis. To remedy this, the first fully electric “Hackney Carriage” has been approved by Transport for London (TfL)

The taxi comes via Nissan and a UK company called Dynamo. They’ve created a 100% electric black cab which runs purely on electric and nothing else.

I always find these things interesting because we’ve actually had “fully electric” vehicles here in the UK for many years, when milk floats were powered by batteries to prevent residents being woken by engine noise early in the morning.

Sadly these have mostly been replaced by diesel flat-bed vans as the coverage of milk delivery routes expands.

Indeed, in London the first fully electric black cab hit the streets in 1899. That had a range of 30 miles but was a little slower. This new one has a range of up to 187 miles from a single charge and accepts 50kW rapid charging technology.

Head to DynamoTaxi.com for more information.