How times change!

Those who visit here regularly might know that we’ve been online for quite some time now. We’ve seem the rise and fall of many mobile phone manufacturers over the years, even a few operating systems too.

In all honesty, it looks like the next few months will be quite a rough patch for current smartphone monsters – Huawei. It’s potentially the start of a big downturn for them as American Businessman and part-time President, Donald Trump, has stopped Huawei dealing with US companies. This has put a rather colossal spanner in the works for Huawei.

But wait, how did we get to this point? Well, here’s a look at the best-selling mobile phone manufacturers since 1993 / 1994. This shows you some various stories that we’ve covered over the years. You’ll start by seeing the utterly insane size of Nokia, then the impact of Apple as the iPhone appeared. Samsung rises, then Microsoft buys the Nokia mobile arm and etc etc. It’s all very interesting and well worth a watch…