Wake more naturally with the Light Curve

Waking up at 6AM is now a very dark and dismal experience. With Autumn in full swing and Winter on the way, those first few minutes after your alarm has gone off can be particularly painful – especially when you put the infamous “big light” on.

For £39.99 and available from www.groov-e.co.uk, this LED alarm clock is ideal for those who struggle to get up in the mornings. It will mimicking the natural daylight outside, giving you a natural and welcoming start to the day. Called the “Light Curve”, it gets brighter over a course of 30 minutes until it’s at the optimum level to rouse you from your slumber.

In addition, you can also choose one of eight alarm sounds or an FM radio station to help get you moving.

Also, in the evenings, you can reverse everything and have a sunset stimulation to chill you our and get you back off to sleep.

In addition to the ten brightness settings, there’s seven coloured mood lighting options and it’s all controlled by touch.

Get more information at www.groov-e.co.uk.