Stick a very small camera in your ear. Apparently.

You should see my inbox. It’s absolutely nuts at the minute. Outside, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Inside, I’m getting emails asking me to publish stuff like this.

Well, OK. I’ve cracked. I’ll pimp your utterly random and totally weird thing, because with the Amazon on fire, polar icecaps melting, coral reefs dying and two insane fruit-loops in charge of Britain and America; it’s probably the most sane thing I can do right now.

Is it only Tuesday ?

So, this thing is £26.99 and solves that age-old problem of not being able to see inside your own ear. Ermm.. yeah. It’s a “Teslong Mini Otoscope“, and comes with 6 LED lights so that you get a really good look inside your lughole. You can snap photos, record videos and maybe even share them with friends too. Oh, and it’ll also clear out your ear wax, which is a bit more useful.

The blurb that goes with this particular product is particularly hilarious…

When you feel itchy or uncomfortable with your ears, use Teslong otoscope to simply check your ear to see if there is insect, foreign matter, or inflammation in them. The product is an indispensable household tool.

When you need clean or check your ear, no need seek other for help, you can see clear image of your eardrum with this the best home care tool.

This works with Android phones to display the image on your smartphone. Sadly it doesn’t work with iPhones but you can also ram the tool in your dogs ear if you fancy.