Microsoft are back in the phone game

A phone? From Microsoft? And it’s running Android? Are you having a laugh?

Well yes, possibly, the release date on this is over a year away – Christmas 2020 – so whether the Microsoft Surface Duo and slightly larger Surface Neo will ever actually appear is up for debate, but what we can tell you is …

– The Duo two 5.6″ screens which unfold to make an 8.3″ device.
– The devices will run Android in a “partnership” with Google.
– Don’t mention Windows Mobile, Windows Phone or anything like that.
– These are prototypes.
– The screen folds out and over itself, like a booklet.
– Pricing hasn’t been announced as yet
– The larger Neo, as you can see below, can have a keyboard attached…

Microsoft tell us that these prototypes will be followed by a developer edition, then the actualy retail units. As you can see with the Neo in the video above, you can use it as a laptop in a way, whilst the Duo lets you move around a little more freely.

You can get more info or sign up for information right here on the Microsoft website.