Deliveroo and their mad ad.

Don’t get me wrong, part of me likes the whole “instant nature” of being able to grab a cab, an Uber, a meal or a cinema ticket on your phone. When I was on holliday this was helpful when trying places to eat as we could book a table and even send along a message to tell the restaurant in question that one of us was having a birthday.

For the “spur of the moment” occasions it’s great, but I have to question the reality of this Deliveroo advert. It depicts well-presented moped rider dropping off a perfect Deliveroo bag, seemingly brimming with still-hot and ready to eat.

Perhaps it’s me, but if I went to a Chinese restaurant to pick up some food, then drove to KFC, then Wagamama’s, then to a Greek restaurant, then to Pizza Express, then Burger King, then Five Guys, then to an Indian restaurant and THEN to Zizzi’s ….. SOMETHING would be cold, believe you me…

Perhaps that’s why the ad-makers decided to have her jump into the bag at the end? Because, effectively, they’re saying that if you order from 9 different places then SOMETHING will be cold as crap when you get it. Basically, you’d be mad to try what she’s just done, but you know, somewhere, someone will do it…

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