The robots are coming…

I’ll wheel out all the usual statements here. Boston Dynamics create robots which are frighteningly life-like. We’ve covered their robots many times in the past and, at times, it’s difficult to believe that there’s no CGI magic going on here.

But no, this is all proper technology and you can even buy Spot, the robot dog… that is, if you’ve got enough money. Spot will walk around for up to 90 minutes, heading up and down your stairs and opening doors with a 14KG load capacity.

But wait, we’ve seen spot quite a few times now. How about the humanoid Atlas? He’s the one we saw doing jumps and backflips a couple of years ago. Now he’s doing full-on gymnastic routines, and Boston Dynamics say that his performance routines are now hitting an 80% success rate.

How long before these things are filling jobs ? A scary thought.