Why Businesses should use 800 or 0800 numbers

Giving out a local or mobile number is sometimes a good idea. It gives you a personal touch and, if you’re only going to be working in the local area, your customers and potential customers will place more trust in you because you’re a local businessman. However, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to boost your brand image and customer engagement, you can get yourself an 0800 or an 800 business number.

In a competitive marketplace, businesses need every advantage possible. The time-tested vanity number is still a valuable marketing tool in a world that’s increasingly going digital. Plus, of course, it means that your customers won’t pay to call you.

Business leaders continue to use these vanity numbers to boost brand image and generate leads successfully. By securing a vanity number for your business, you can create a vital company asset that will increase your brand’s visibility. It also means that your customers are more inclined to wait on hold because there’s no cost to them for calling.

Acquiring a toll-free number is fast and straightforward

Securing a toll-free number is easy, and just involves you signing up for service with a reputable third-party provider. Leading toll-free business number services offer you straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. A reputable provider will also offer you additional features, such as:

  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Fax to email
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding

When customers call your toll-free vanity (or free-phone) number, you can have them routed to any desired phone you wish. You can point calls to your office, home, contact centre or even your own cell / mobile phone.

Vanity numbers work

800 and 0800 numbers are invaluable for businesses because they’re easy for customers to remember. However, vanity numbers are even better. Vanity numbers tie to a memorable word. For example, 1-800-826-4891 (1-800-VANITY1).

Also, a toll-free vanity number will make it easier to track your marketing campaigns. As an example, inbound contact center solutions can route calls to your 800 number for a specific marketing campaign and then route them to a designated extension.

By doing so, you can accurately track the outcome of a marketing initiative. Because 0800 and 800 numbers are so cost-effective, you can assign a different one for each marketing asset. You could, for example, have a different phone number for your website, email list, television and radio advertisements.

Now, you can determine what advertising channels are best for engaging with your ideal consumers. Typically, your service provider will give you access to an administrative console that will allow you to track inbound call metrics easily.

An 800 or 0800 number creates the right image

800 and 0800 numbers aren’t just for big corporations. An 800 / 0800 number can make a small business appear just as competent as a major competitor.

Businesses of all sizes can afford a toll-free number. Also, if you move your business to another state or even another country, you can keep your 800 / 0800 number – as well as your customer base and credibility that you worked so hard to establish.

In business, customer relationships are everything. Your 800 / 0800 number can help you build customer rapport that lasts a lifetime. The more that consumers know and trust your brand, the more likely they are to return. Also, loyal customers are more likely to recommend your company to friends, family members and professional peers.

A vanity number can help you boost your marketing performance and brand image. Also, customers are more likely to call your 800 / 0800 number compared to the unbranded listing of a competitor. By setting up an 800 / 0800 number, you can solidify your professional reputation and promote continued success for your business.