Business ideas for the smartphone generation

If you’re going to start a business, then it makes sense to ..

  1. Make sure that it fits into the modern world and
  2. Make sure that it fills a need for the people.

It’ll be people, after all, that ensure you have a long-term, viable venture! While there are plenty of spaces popular with people, one of the biggest is digital — the vast majority of people, after all, are carrying a smartphone in their pocket, and this isn’t something that seems like a trend: it’s here to stay. So what kind of businesses fit in with smartphone culture? We take a look below and hopefully it’ll help to point you in the right direction..

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On the Move 

Smartphones can add in all areas of life, but they’re especially useful when a person is on the move, and even more so when they’re overseas or in an area that’s unfamiliar. When people head on an adventure, they usually rely pretty heavily on Google Maps, but increasingly they’re looking to smartphone apps to make the most of their travels. If you can build a website that’s based around easy to use travel content, such as itineraries, essential attractions, and cultural information, then you might just find that you’re a go-to option when on the road. On a recent holiday I was looking for the best restaurants, but people also want to know where the best place to stay is, what the cheapest shops are, where the best deals are available.

Learning from afar

The digital world has changed a lot about society, how we do things, and so on, and this includes how we learn. More people than ever before are choosing to learn skills from afar, online, rather than in traditional learning centres. Indeed, it’s one of the fastest growing industries. If you have expertise in something, then look at putting together a course, and creating a website. You’ll want to work with a company that specialises in pop up banner design for eLearning companies, come up with a profitable pricing plan, and invest in an app so that your customers can learn on the move. This is an especially good business because there will always be a new influx of people who want to learn.

Games and Entertainment Apps

Smartphones and the internet as a whole have made it easier than ever before to find and consume information, but there’s another side to digital life that’s just as big: entertainment. People want to use their devices for entertainment just as much as they want to learn! If you’re a creative person, then look at developing a game for smartphones. You can also create apps and websites that aggregate other entertainment mediums, too.

Customised Style

Not every business has to do with the digital side of things; there are plenty of companies that are built “around” smartphones. If you’re a designer at heart, then you could look at creating customised covers for smartphones — people always want to personalise their devices. If you’re something of a tech wizard, then you could also look at setting up a smartphone repair business, which can be online or in the real world. Accidents happen all the time, and people would rather pay to have theirs fixed rather than invest in a new device.