UMIDIGI Uwake Bluetooth speaker and Smart Clock available soon.

This one seems to be available already on AliExpress at $29.99. Normally it’s $49.98 but, if you’re lucky enough to get one of the first 500 units during their September sale, you can get one for just $19.99.

It’s an alarm clock and Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, which is perhaps something you may have seen before, but this adds a lamp too – with 7 different colours – and a big bass effect too. It’s also got 6 kinds of sleep music to get you off to sleep and a sunrise simulation to wake you up.

This doesn’t have to live on your bedside cabinet either – with a 1800mAh battery so you can move it around like any other Bluetooth speaker.

Here’s a look at it in action..

If the sleepy music doesn’t send you off to sleep, there’s birds, rain, waves and other relaxing sounds.

The sale starts on AliExpress on September 11th.