Two-screen LG V60 ThinQ smartphone coming to IFA 2019

Announcing your next phone before it’s announced? Well, sounds a bit crazy but that’s what LG have one. A teaser trailer of a new LG phone launching in September at IFA shows what initially could be a shark-fin camera, an opening smartphone, a dual-screen phone or a phone with a cover on it. We’re leaning towards a phone that has a wallet-style design with two screens on the inside.

Here’s the video so that you can decide…

The presence of the gaming character on the dual screens seems to tell us that the upcoming V60 ThinQ smartphone will indeed have two screens.

The launch date is scheduled for 10AM CET on September 6th, and we assume that both screens can be used at once or multi-tasking can occur as the screens take on different roles.

Two screens is a big risk to take in all honesty, as it pushes the price of the smartphone up quite significantly. New phone designs from Huawei (with the Mate X Fold) and Samsung (with the Galaxy Fold) have had their fair share of problems, so it’s a big hill to climb. Let’s not forget that the LG mobile business has struggled for a number of years too, so this is a bit of a gamble.