Huawei shares real user stories

Alright, so we’ve got the glossy smartphone adverts with people attending parties, having fun and generally enjoying themselves. We also get the ads where some businessman is running to catch a train as he listens to music, deals with emails and accepts calendar appointments. Then there’s those ones with people running, connecting their fitness bands and checking how well they’ve performed.

All lovely, but it’s just like the adverts for cars. You see these brand new, polished motors flying down empty country roads, with happy and contented drivers enjoying a stress-free glide across rough terrain. The reality, when you buy the car, is that you’re stuck in a traffic jam just outside of Clapham.

So it’s good to see Huawei cooming out with an advert that’s a little different. It’s called “Huawei True Stories” and is a bit more “real” than other adverts. Take a look…