giffgaff double the data for £20 and £25 goodybag customers

There’s some new goodybags available from giffgaff now, and the network – which runs on the O2 masts – are announcing that the £20 goodybag will now come with double data.

Things kick off on July 3rd, so instead of 20GB, you’ll get 40GB on the £20 monthly goodybag. For the £25 one you’ll also get the same 40GB now, but it’ll be “Always On”, meaning that even if you hit 40GB, you’ll continue to get data – albeit at a reduced speed.

So to clarify, the £20 goodybag now delivers unlimited texts and minutes, and 40GB data. The £25 goodybag gets unlimited texts and minutes plus “Always On” data, which, if you hit 40GB, slows to 384kbps from 8am until midnight.

In addition there’s a maximum of 20GB data to use whilst roaming in the EU and selected destinations.

Head of Propositions, David Caton tells us..

We’re always looking to give members the best value for their money. We’re happy to bring these goodybag updates to some of our most popular goodybags. We hope it means that our existing members are satisfied and that it gives potential new members another reason to choose giffgaff.

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