Sure, you’ve tried a VPN, but have you tried a proxy?

There’s plenty of reasons to hide your identity online. Now, we’ve covered VPN’s – they hide your IP, and give you an IP of a datacentre or a local point of presence in a country elsewhere. Providers like Surfshark and others are there for you if you ever need a VPN.

Sometimes, that IP can be blocked. After all, a VPN provider only has a few IPs in each location, and they can quickly be discovered, so content providers and services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and others will quickly block IP addresses which are owned by VPN providers. This means that you will often get blocked, and you will not be able to get geo-locked content.

Content providers are clever. Whether it be a TV or audio streaming service, or even a store or a ticket seller, they’ll know when you’re trying to access their service from a normal home connection and when your IP address is from a server in a data center.

Take, for example, one of our servers. If I logged into it now and opened Google, all the sites I visit will know – from my IP – that I’m coming from a big data center, and they could immediately suspect that I’m a bot or perhaps an automated tool. However, if I’m using a BT, Sky or Virgin IP address, they’ll know that I’m a real customer and will probably reduce their security a little.

This is where tools like Smartproxy residential IPs proxies come in. It gives you access to millions of residential IPs from specific countries or cities. It means that you can test your web application, firewalling, or just access any website or service without fuss and blocks. With a proxy server like Smartproxy you can expect to never get flagged, never get banned, access local pages, information, and services easily. Using many residential proxies is also useful if you’re doing social media marketing and need to manage multiple accounts or appear in a particular location in posts. Some people also use proxies to gather information for market research.

If you’re finding that a VPN just isn’t good enough or constantly gets blocked, give it a spin!