Vodafone 5G – Mobile gaming on test

The new, faster 5G network will, when combined with connected gaming, create a whole new world of mobile games.

Vodafone have tested their 5G network in Birmingham with Gaming Expert, “Syndicate” and has been checking out some of the cloud-based games from Hatch.

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Meanwhile, back in Birmingham, Tom Cassell, aka Syndicate tested some 5G-powered games as they were streamed live via the new Vodafone network. It’s all about zero lag and responsiveness, and with the UK Gaming industry worth £3.86 billion, it’s a really big and important sector which is going to grow with the faster tech.


5G provides gamers with a low latency connection, meaning they will have a much smoother and more responsive gaming experience with no lag, buffering or dropouts. A bigger network capacity means that the “Hatch” gaming platform can operate without interupttion.

YouTuber Tom Cassell stated…

5G is completely changing the landscape when it comes to gaming on the go. (Games are) easier to play(including) higher intensity online games such as Fortnite.

Mobile gaming has increased at least 10% year on year for the last 10 years.