Podcast 249 – Don’t text and drive people!

Another new intro, a lot of talk about MOT’s, fishing, caravans and actual smartphone-related chatter too. It’s all here folks, and it’s part of Podcast 249. Recorded in the car, in this episode I also do a manly “pap” on the horn due to the driver in front drifting in his lane because he was too busy texting whilst driving.

Also in this episode…

    • I pinched the wife’s car.
    • MOT failure!
    • OnePlus 7 details, and it’s now available.
    • 5G, and why it’ll probably benefit the networks more than you.
    • Valencia. Proper nice!
    • My thoughts on the Asus ZenFone 6.
    • Protein bars!
    • Huawei problems.
    • I struggle to end the recording because I’m stupid.

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