Earning rewards through exercise

I seem to be the only person I know who doesn’t get a great deal of surveys from Google Opinion Rewards. The app, for those who aren’t aware, delivers quick surveys to you. Once you answer one, you’ll get some Google Play Credit. I’ve got 92p so far, so I’m not going to be able to buy that yacht just yet, however it’s enough to get yourself an Android app if you answer just a few of these surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards is just the tip of the “reward” app mountain, and you can earn money with several other options too. Not only that, but you can also get fit because some apps deliver rewards based on how much exercise you do.

As an example, “BetterPoints”, which is available on Android or iPhone, promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. You can record your cycling, walking, running or other activities such as car-sharing or using the bus. It’ll track all this via GPS and will deliver BetterPoints, which can then be exchanged for vouchers at Starbucks or PC World etc. The more activity you do, the more points you get, and you can then earn discounts on Topshop or Waitrose.

A similar idea can be found in “Sweatcoin” – an app that’ll log your steps to earn sweatcoins, which can then be transferred into subscriptions or PayPal and Amazon vouchers.

The rewards-for-exercise idea is definitely growing, and other apps include Vitality Rewards (which delivers cinema tickets, Starbucks coffees, Amazon Prime subscriptions), Charity Miles (where you can give your rewards directly to charity) and more.

Online slot games and other ways to get some money

If you’re not looking to do a great deal of exercise and just want to do survey (and you’ve already tried Google Opinion Rewards), there’s other options.

Perhaps the oldest and most well-known way of getting some money is if you choose to play online slot games. This, if you’re lucky, can earn you a lot more cash that walking or filling in surveys, and you’ll probably enjoy yourself a lot more too. This is because those online gaming providers compete so heavily against each other that there’s new games being added, with smooth graphics, great sound and brilliant gameplay.

Without gaming, you can give iPoll a try. Available for both Android and iPhone, you get to earn airline miles, gift cards and magazine subscriptions. There’s also Swagbucks, which lets you earn similar gifts but via shopping tasks, watching videos and searching the web.

An app called “Make Money” perhaps comes the closest so far to earning actual cash. This one needs you to complete tasks such as downloading apps, completing surveys, watching videos, endorsing products, completing free trials and so on. In return you’ll get credit rewards which can be converted into actual PayPal money.

Of course, you can always sell items that you may have in your loft, garage or shed. Those unloved, unused gifts, tools, toys or gadgets that could actually earn you some cash in no time at all. Apps from eBay and Schpock, plus Facebook Marketplace, are a great start and they make the whole process painless so you no longer have to spend ages filling in forms. Now, with eBay (as an example) you can take a photo, set a price, put it in the appropriate category and have it online in no time at all. No need to sit down at a computer, no need to make notes on paper, and you can sell the same day – getting cash in your account quickly and easily. Also, if you sell this way, the transaction is protected so that you have an agreed way to feedback and query any issues you might encounter. That’s good to know.


For me, I’m trying to do some regular cycling anyway, so I’m going to try one of those money-from-fitness apps to earn while I ride!