The European Elections. It’s all about phone orientation.

Let’s not try and get into politics. You can probably guess my stance as I’ve been lucky enough to visit several European countries over the years and I really can’t see any tangible benefit of leaving. As part of the EU, Britain has access to 36 free trade deals with non-EU countries. Leaving the EU means we’ll have none in place if we leave in the next few weeks. Oh, and we’ve always had control over immigration, it was just convenient for the press and the government to let the EU shoulder the blame. Tomorrow the Brexit Party will be seeking to fill our 73 elected MEP positions, and there’ll be a lot more votes from unhappy voters than happy ones.

However, as we cover smartphones, all we know is that this Leave voter films in portrait. Bloody portrait. That’s all we need to know on the matter.


Get out and vote tomorrow people. Landscape. Switch to landscape.