Sitting down? Why? Work standing up!

I sit in an office for the best part of the day. Let’s face it, being parked on your posterior isn’t healthy. However, if you drive a computer all day you can choose to stand up instead.

So, you just need to buy an entire new desk right? One with longer legs? That’s going to cost lots and you’ll have to mess around quite a bit.

Well, no – actually. You can get a height-adjustable desk solution which sits flat on your existing desk and then, when you want to stand, lifts up easily with the aid of springs.

The guys at Varidesk have monitor arms, corner solutions and dual-monitor desk systems which house your keyboard, laptop, screens and your mouse. If you buy one, it’ll arrived fully assembled. You simply sit it on your existing desk and – you just need to add your computer and the relevant bits. Just clip the cabling back and you can transition from sitting to standing easily.

Check out the video below to see this in action, or go to their website. Prices start at £365 for the desk solutions..