Huawei update the P30 series

I have been testing the P30 Pro for a few weeks now and in that time I have been very impressed with the phone. In particular, what the camera can do. There was, however, one piece of the phone that wasn’t yet available despite being shown off at the launch.

Well, the good news is that this missing piece has just been added via the means of a software update.

I am talking about a new camera feature that allows you to take video creation to the next level. It is something we have seen before, albeit in a slightly different guise. We first saw this technology on a Nokia device about a year ago. That device allowed you to utilise both the front and rear cameras to take photos of both views simultaneously. What Huawei have done is slightly different and, dare I say it, infinitely more useful.

The new software will allow you to record video from not just the main camera but it also allows you to use the zoom lens to hone in on your subject. This will give the video a whole new perspective and allow you to capture moments in a brand new way.

It is clearly shown in the below example…

I am really excited by the possibilities that this will open up for users of the P30 series for new content creation and I am impressed by the implementation that Huawei has chosen to showcase this impressive tech.

I have not received the update onto my P30 Pro yet but am excited at the possibility of using it very soon.

The new update is referred to by its version number, which is B153. It will be referred to as dual camera mode. It will allow you not only record from two different zoom levels but you can vary the levels of zoom from close up to full panoramic views.

You can expect this update to arrive on unlocked phones first, with a phased rollout to carrier-locked devices coming shortly afterwards.