Podcast 246 – Who the hell parks like that?

I recorded this yesterday. Just yesterday. It’s our funtastical podcast – the one that walks that dangerous line between serious tech talk and how I once parked my Lexus underneath a Land Rover (no, really).

So week I’ve got you a slice of the following…

    • A properly professional introduction, definitely not ruined in any way.
    • In-car voice control systems. Just how bad are they?
    • Fitness tracker gadgets.
    • The dash cam starts to tell me what to do.
    • Glastonbury!
    • giffgaff goodybag changes.
    • Samsung Galaxy Fold – An update
    • InvisibleShield nano-technology
    • I try and buy some apples! A whole bag!
    • How can people not know how to park?
    • Cases that hold your cards
    • Virgin Media ramping up their packages and going quadplay.
    • How I crashed my car and very nearly properly hurt myself.

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