Some of the best Monopoly smartphone games


It’s the Easter holidays, so I’m doing my best to ensure that my son isn’t stuck to his smartphone all the time. Today it’s resulted in him bringing out a whole load of board games. We’ve had the infamous “Mousetrap”, plus “Buckaroo”, “Scrabble”, ”Trivial Pursuit” and, of course, “Monopoly”.

This is a game that will turn 85 years old this year, and it’s recently seen a range of different branded versions appearing. There’s a junior version for the smaller kids, a Pokemon version for gamers, a Star Wars version, a Star Trek version and even a Game of Thrones variant. Added to the mix is a Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition, plus Nintendo, Disney, the Simpsons and more. It means that Monopoly has now cementing its status as one of the longest-running and most popular board games in the world.

The original Monopoly game was actually created 115 years ago, by an anti-monopoly American activist who wanted to create a game which demonstrated how wealth creation was much better for the economy than a system where all resources are controlled by just a few monopoly capitalists. I know! Every day is a school day.

Since then, hundreds of millions of copies of the board game have been sold and Monopoly has made an enduring mark on our popular culture. Now you can play Monopoly in countless forms as a digital game on your smartphone. If you’re a fan of the most famous board game in history, here are the five best Monopoly games for mobile. 


The Original Monopoly 

One of the best options is, of course, the digital version of the original Monopoly game, produced and distributed by none other than Hasbro. This is a paid-for version but what you get is definitely worth every penny. The razor-sharp 3D graphics and online gaming options make for a high-quality application, while the accompanying background music, set to the biggest songs of the Great Depression era, is a darkly humorous touch that was missing from the original board game. 


This popular Android and iOS app is much like the original but on a more international scale. Players can travel through both the wealthiest and most impoverished cities in Europe in order to become a master of the continent’s real estate market. The game features nine different Euro-themed avatars and half a dozen difficulty levels which allow you to play the game at a pace that feels right for you. 

Monopoly Mega Movers 

For those looking to make a departure from the traditional board game format, the Monopoly Mega Movers Slot on Buzz Bingo offers an innovative and original take on a classic game. This 5-reel mobile slot retains most of the beloved characteristics of the board game but repurposes them for a real-money format. Players can stake either 50p or 75p per spin and stand to win as much as 2,000 times their original bet, making this one of the more competitive slots on the mobile market. If you’re into slots, you can also get some freebies with a betfair bonus code, else you’ll end up starting with a normal account. Don’t forget, if you’re ever about to sign up for a website or account anywhere, look out for offers and deals online!


This very Monopoly-esque title from LAN Games gives a slightly more competitive edge to the original format. While your goal is still to amass as much wealth and property as possible, the main object of the game is to bankrupt your fellow competitors with as much speed and ruthlessness as you can possibly muster. Definitely one for those with a darker streak. 

Arctopia: Monopoly Power

Arctopia: Monopoly Power is a humorous and oh-so 2019 take on the original game,  wherein you play an ambitious barista who must monopolize the local coffee shop market in your kale-munching, politically-correct West Coast city. There are plenty of competitors that you’ll need to push out, using a strategy of business acumen and hostile takeovers to ensure you’re the undisputed king of coffee. 

Monopoly continues to hold such broad appeal because it teaches players some valuable life lessons. If you’re looking for places to get your Monopoly fix, these are the games for you.