Illegal streaming. Most people have no concern.

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A few years ago it was quite strange to see someone gambling or playing a casino game on their smartphone, however it’s now quite commonplace. Indeed, we’re now crossing into another stage. We’re seeing mobiles being used not only for gaming, but also for streaming TV shows, films and music…. illegally.

A new survey shows that 21% of Britons are doing this, and they don’t worry about getting caught either. Those interviewed state that they’re doing this because the big streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime and so on, are fragmenting the available content. This means that you need to subscribe to multiple services to watch the shows you want.

Add to this the fact that some providers geo-lock content so that it’s available early in some countries, and Brits are instead switch to illegal streams. Despite the fact that big fines are possible if you’re caught – 92% aren’t worried

The most common ways to stream were found to be ‘using Kodi’ (29%), ‘using various online websites’ (28%) and ‘using a torrent’ (23%). Most wanted to gain access to films and TV shows not yet available in the UK, whilst others wanted to see films which were still in the cinema. The rest just didn’t want to pay, or wanted a wider range of shows.